The Backlinks Syndicate


The Backlinks Syndicate is a group of websites, which use their will to grow together by sharing a link to all group members. It means that each member creates a link to all other members and receives a link from all other members at the same time. The links can be visible and at the same time only from a page which is on the background. The members should not be directories, open forums, open blogs or any other form of a website on which random user can create an account and generate uncountable many backlinks. In addition every member must have:

  • The website must have at least 10 web pages.
  • HTTPS.
  • Authority rating 20 or above.
  • Proper amount of content.
  • No adult or gambling content.
  • Website should not be a SEO company.
  • Website should not be online directory or similar.

Each member should provide a backlink with proper anchor text to every new member and in exchange must receive a backlink from the new member.


The Backlinks Syndicate Members