The Macedonian history

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Lost destiniesHistorical facts

Macedonian history and the era of Macedonism in the Balkans
1944 – ????

Macedonian history

Who wrote the modern Macedonian history and is it a fiction?

Historical facts

Planned, systematic and forced Serbization and Macedonization – described by authors from several European countries.


Can we see the process and the exact political interests and influences from the events of Macedonian history?

For some people, history is something you learn in the classroom, a collection of names and stories in thick textbooks. But there are many reasons why history is important, far beyond a midterm in high school. Leading history professors say everyone benefits from historical knowledge. Because it explains humanity itself and how we got to where we are today.

History is the story of change over time. It also shows that human nature has remained fairly constant. History shows that circumstances and technologies change. But people still want the same things as in previous civilizations. Prosperity, security, happiness, power, spiritual and social fulfillment, etc.

Changing the history of a group of people means changing the way people think. Thus, the way they think about their environment. No one can deny that this tool has been used in the past to gain strategic advantages in certain geographical areas.

But how can we be sure that the history we study today is not corrupted?

It is not something you learn by heart. It is a science. We need to study them, not memorize them.

This website is an account of the resulting historical events. These events are confirmed by several independent sources. The conclusion is that the history studied in Northern Macedonia is in contradiction with history as a science. It is a product of the successful integration of political and geostrategic moves. So that have led to a dependent little puppet in the Balkans, which supports certain interests in the region. Macedonian history must be uncovered. Macedonian history is shouting at us from all cultural and social directions in Northern Macedonia. Understanding them will help us to understand North Macedonia itself and also the Balkans.

the Macedonian Church


P U Z E L?

Everyone has to solve this for themselves.

What do people know about Macedonism?

The Macedonian birth

The methodology and processes that contributed to the Macedonian birth are strikingly similar to everyday life during the Nazi regime in Germany …

Creation. Redemption. Restoration.

The bitterest truth is more pleasant than the most pleasant deception.



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