Is the story we read and learn in school true? What if you wake up one day and find that people believe in lies and that even the teacher and the university professor are telling tall tales? Will this understanding make individuals think? Maybe it will change someone’s mind on the subject in question? Maybe you would change yourself at least a little bit. This is so difficult! Make someone think, rather than react emotionally, instinctively, and by rote. It’s so hard in a world of commercialism and templates. In a world that was shaped by the powerful of yesterday and is being shaped by the powerful of today.

Any person with full conviction can explain to you why things are the way they are. He can tell you who he is, his family, his neighbors. Maybe where they came from and what problems his ancestors had. What happens when this information is replaced? How do you explain that to them? How do you interact with your own people who tell you that you have nothing in common, as if they were brainwashed, while you try to explain them the opposite? When you look at them, you can see their deep conviction. A belief whose main arguments are denial, aggression and violence. What to do in such a situation?

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, as it says in the Old Testament. If someone slaps you on the cheek… If a man steals a shirt from you, give him two…. What if you can’t do either? You can’t let yourself get robbed. You can’t go against your own people. What do you do then? You can’t give more than you have. You are already at the limit! It can’t be like this anymore!

Who is your opponent, and how would you react if those who try to insult and steal from you are the victims you have to save?

How do you fight when you are alone and even your own people are strangers to you? There is only one way! Every day! You get up and go to bed with one goal! This goal is the victory! Victory over vulgarity and lies! You do not give up, because your struggle is a struggle for your brothers and your people. We no longer have the luxury of saying, if I lose, I only lose myself. When we lose, we lose ourselves and everything we had, are and can be. If I win, I don’t win anything, but we all win. Since the time of Levski, the world has changed. Maybe we didn’t realize it. The only thing the same: when the warrior is alone, he is still a warrior.

North Macedonia | Macedonian language

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